Nadex PH 5 SCR spot welding controller contactor
PH5 - 1035
Used Nadesco Nadex phase 5 water cooled resistance welding controller. If was pulled from a working environment due to a plant closure and is guaranteed not DOA. It is clean and tidy and in excellent physical condition. It is also fitted with CC-link communications module

Model PH5-1035
Line voltage 415V AC
Rated current 474A
Weight 40KG
Date of manufacture 2003-9

Please note I also have available some PH4-1092 units rated at 711A as well as units by Obara corporation. And some older units that I will wreck for the SCR packs
SCR contactor modules for spot welding
FTS550PW4M-24 WTh-E12
Water cooled SCR contactor modules for spot welding

We have a number of these modules available they were pulled from working spot welding machines and are guaranteed not DOA. As can be seen in the photos the clamp bracket is marked Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Japan FTS550PW4M-24 WTh-E12 C6 x 60. I donít know the exact current rating but this type of equipment is typically rated at the greater part of 1000A

They could be used as replacement parts in a wide range of spot welding machines.

Each one included a back to back pair of high power puck type thyristors clamped between water cooled copper blocks, These components can be used for a wide range of applications including, switching huge AC currents, dimming and heating control. Large DC motor speed control. Each assembly also includes a 1000A CT
Meiku pneumatic tip dresser spot welding
This hand held pneumatically driven tip dresser is designed to cut a pre determined profile onto the tips of spot welding electrodes in order to maintain consistent weld quality. If you do a lot of spot welding this can save a great deal of time compared to manually dressing with a file. It is in very good condition and came from a working production line due to a plant closure
I have a reasonable number of these mainly ETD 18F fitted with a few different size inner cutter carrying sections and differing cutter profiles. If you are after a unit fitted with a particular profile cutter please get in touch so we can chose the best unit for your application.
Obara SLIVT 86 resistance welding inverter timer
This Obara Corporation SLIVT 86 water cooled spot welding inverter timer was pulled from a working environment due to a plant closure and is guaranteed not DOA. It is clean and tidy and in excellent physical condition, date of manufacture 2004 It comes complete with and coupled to an Obara CPS-8Z Abnormality protection unit
Link to manufactures website
SLIVT stands for small light inverter timer, this is modern hi tech gear and very expensive new, please note I may be able to get my hands on a teach pendant to suit this unit please call me if you are interested and would like me to follow this option up for you.
Nadex PH2 - 1142 Spot welding controller
This NADEX / Kimura Denyoki Phase 2 PH2-1142 resistance welding controller and SCR contactor was pulled from a working line due to a plant closure.